How to Welcome Abundance with Meditation?

If only I had a car like him…

If only I were as creative as her…

If only I had more money…

We’ve all wished for something that we don’t have. That is very normal. But what if I told you, you already have everything that you need to lead a successful life?

You may worry about not having enough money when you retire or not living the life of your dreams. But,

Miracles happen when you are calm, composed, and centered!

As someone who has seen several autumns, let me tell you that you don’t need a lot of material things to feel content in life. Not everybody who owns material wealth is happy, and not everybody who is living an ordinary life is sad. Abundance begins from your mind. The more abundant you feel within, the more you project it outwards in your life, career, relationships, and material possessions.

A small child who is barely a few years old is content playing with a few toys. Or none at all. Even empty boxes become playthings for them. They are happy with whatever they are fed and however they are clothed. So, if we are born content, what happens in the next few years that we become restless, greedy souls?

The answer is quite simple – we begin comparing. 

As we grow older, we start comparing ourselves with others around us. As a consequence, we end up feeling sorry for our lack of resources and jealous of the abundance others are blessed with. These negative emotions keep on accumulating and depleting our sense of contentedness. Ultimately, our mind gives in and starts seeking material and physical gratifications. We become a slave to its urges.

In some cases, when an individual cannot afford any gratification even with their own money or resources, they start telling themselves, “I can’t afford it.” They repeat this thought enough times unconsciously and become so comfortable with their struggle that their situation turns into a scarcity mindset. There’s no turning back from this.

Sounds scary? I know.

Is there a way out?

Of course. You have to begin feeling deeply contented from within. The more you replicate these moments, the more you become comfortable with your surroundings and at peace with them. 

“Abundance comes from within. It comes from thought, intention, and expectation.” – Deepak Chopra

How to begin this process?

Through meditation.

Welcoming abundance in your life with meditation

Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively. – Sharon Salzberg

Abundance is feeling plenty. It is not only the belief that ‘good things’ come your way but also the affirmation that ‘things good for you’ come your way. When you develop this attitude, your life becomes fulfilling.

From Oprah to athletes, actors to your next-door neighbor, everybody is practicing meditation.

Meditation helps you focus. It assists you in decluttering your mind and unwinds you from the complicated distractions around. Practicing mindfulness enhances your mental agility and attention by changing the structure of your brain. This allows your brain to process information more coherently and efficiently – the two qualities associated with higher intelligence. Meditation also relaxes your organs and muscles, reinvigorating your body.

But how does this happen? How does meditation make my life tick?

The other day, I could not remember my card pin at the gas station. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t remember it. So, I asked the cashier for the card machine to enter random numbers and try. To my utter surprise, my fingers could suddenly punch in the right number.

Since my body had practiced putting the pin so many times on POS machines, online stores, and punching machines before, it knew the number by heart. Almost felt as if it was acting on a reflex! 

By the time you’re 35 years old, as much as 95 percent of who you are is mechanized behavior, beliefs, perceptions, and emotional reactions. Kind of like leading life on autopilot. As the majority of your actions are unconscious, these behind-the-scene programs are the triggers to most of your feelings, behaviors, and thoughts.

So, if you want a better life, you need to better your thinking. You want abundance, you need to alter how you think – and no better companion than meditation to help you do this.

How is meditation helpful in experiencing abundance?

  1. It creates inner space to accept the love and abundance

You can let go of stress and anxiety with meditation. When these negative emotions leave, you will be able to feel more positivity. Now, you are in a positive space where you can attract abundance.

  1. You can experience the best feeling in the world

A new promotion, the time you bought a car, the victory of your favorite team – all of these are surreal feelings, they make you feel good. But the best feeling among all these is that of hope believing that anything is possible. Meditation uplifts you and fills you with hope, the foundation of attracting abundance in your life.

  1. Meditation transforms your attitude

What you experience, shapes your mindset. If you focus on negativity, you will become negative. When you keep telling yourself that you have plenty, you will soon begin experiencing plenty. Meditation helps you shift your perspective.

How to begin meditating for abundance?

Find a quiet place where you can relax. Sit comfortably wearing loose clothes and keep your phone on airplane mode. After this, turn on this video and close your eyes. Start imagining abundance all around you. Wherever you look, you can see hope, positivity, and wealth. Think of tall, fruit-laden trees, lush grass, and beautiful animals and birds – divine abundance everywhere. Practice this three times a week and you will soon begin seeing results.

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